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Massage Therapy

66 Weeks
Practicum Included

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This program combines in-depth practical and theoretical training to prepare students
for any of the many avenues a rewarding career in massage therapy might lead them. Massage therapists can work in a wide range of environments including physiotherapy and sports injury clinics, wellness and fitness centres, spas and chiropractic practices.

The Learning Company - Health Care Aide
26 Weeks
Practicum Included
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As Canada’s baby boomers begin to contribute to the country’s growing population of elderly people, the demand for health care aides is increasing. Our program prepares students for a rewarding career working with a range of patients, including the elderly, disabled and injured. Students in the program are trained in several ways to support patient care.

The Learning Company - Health Unit Clerk
22 Weeks
Practicum Included
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Health Unit Clerks play a critical role coordinating operations within healthcare facilities such as medical offices, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Students in our Health Unit Clerk diploma program benefit from small class sizes, learning all the skills they need to become a valued asset to any health unit as well as dealing with the public and handling important administrative duties. Students earn their level “C” CPR and first aid certifications as part of this program.

The Learning Company - Legal Office Assistant
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Administrative Office Assistants play a key role by provinding valuable support to all types of businesses and organizations. Students in this program achieve a solid understanding of office procedures and develop a versatile skill set that makes then employable in many office settings.


Taking both my Administrative Office Assistant and Medical Terminology courses at The Learning Company was a great learning experience. The instructors are hands on, extremely helpful, and push you for success. I started my career as soon as I finished my studies! I highly recommend taking that course you’ve been thinking about at TLC!

Emily Belhumer