Health Unit Clerk
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Health Unit Clerk

22 Weeks

Health Unit Clerks play a critical role coordinating operations within healthcare facilities such as medical offices, hospitals and long-term care facilities. Students in our Health Unit Clerk diploma program benefit from small class sizes, learning all the skills they need to become a valued asset to any health unit as well as dealing with the public and handling important administrative duties. Students earn their level “C” CPR and first aid certifications as part of this program.

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Health Unit Clerk

Unit Clerk / Unit Maintenance Clerk

Ward Clerk

Prairie Mountain Health Authority 


Completion includes a compulsory six-week full-time practicum where students work alongside industry professionals.

Start Dates

September 3, 2024

January 13, 2025



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Program Courses

Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology

Introduces students to medical terminology, anatomy and physiology of the human body. Students learn the basic fundamentals of medical terminology including word components, definitions, spelling and pronunciation, as well as basic anatomy and physiology.

Health Unit Clerk Procedures

Provides the knowledge needed to accurately manage the admissions, transfer and discharge procedures for patients, including post-mortem procedures, recording vital signs, ordering supplies, filing, infection control and emergencies.

Orientation to Hospitals, Medical Centres & Health Care

Introduces students to the Health Care Delivery System – departments and services, members of the health care team, facility communication systems and client care management.

The Patient’s Chart and Transcription of Doctor’s Orders

Provides the knowledge needed to understand medications and classifications to allow students to proficiently transcribe doctor’s orders, nursing treatment orders, dietary orders, medication orders, laboratory orders, diagnostic imaging orders and other miscellaneous orders. Students learn to record telephoned laboratory results. Special focus is placed on the patient chart and the assembly and maintenance of the forms.

Personal and Professional Skills

Examines the process of communication and interpersonal behavior and communication skills.

Computer Fundamentals

Improves touch typing skills on a keyboard with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. This course increases job efficiency and understanding of work station ergonomics.  Prepares students to perform functions common to all Microsoft Windows applications. Elements include the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, formatting and printing functions common to most Windows applications.

Career Preparation

Introduces students to strategies for a successful job search, interview and career management.

  • Learn how to navigate around the Healthcare Delivery System
  • Learn how to arrange client admissions and discharges
  • Be able to arrange for client tests and receive results
  • Prioritize requests and manage health unit operations
  • Learn to transcribe and process doctor’s order
  • Work as a Health Unit Clerk or a Medical Unit Clerk